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WSJ: Loosened Mortgage Rule Advances After SEC Drops Objection - 6/10/14

The Hill: New Mortgage Rules Strike the Right Balance - 1/3/14

Mortgage Daily News: NAR Voices Approval of Revamped QRM - 10/31/13

Housing Wire: MBA Calls on Regulators to Align QRM with QM - 10/24/13

American Banker: Keep Down Payments Out of QRM Rule - 10/17/13

Mercury News: Realtors Hail QRM Rule Revisions - 9/16/13

Housing Wire: Is a 20% Downpayment a Life Saver, a Curse or Just an Arbitrary Number? - 9/6/13

Home Buying Institute: Definition of Qualified Residential Mortgage to be Aligned with QM Rule - 9/3/13

Business Journal: Elimination of Stricter Mortgage Down Payment Rules Could Help Local Residents - 8/30/13

Housing Wire: New Proposed QRM Standard Offers No Downpayment Option - 8/28/13

Wall Street Journal: Regulators Back Away From Tougher Mortgage Rules - 8/28/13

American Banker: New Risk-Retention Plan Offers Banks Relief - 8/28/13

CBS News: Government Relaxes Mortgage Down Payment Rules - 8/28/13

The Hill: Housing Industry Leaders Express Optimism for Revamped Risk-Retention Rule - 8/28/13

Bloomberg: American Dream Slipping as Homeownership at 18-Year Low - 7/30/13

Reuters: U.S. Regulators May Weaken Plan to Rein in Mortgage Underwriting-Sources 7/24/13

Housing Wire: Mortgage industry may secure a more lenient QRM rule - 7/24/13

Bloomberg: Softened Mortgage Rule Said to Be Proposed Soon by U.S. Agencies - 7/24/13
Wall Street Journal: Easing of Mortgage Curb Weighed - 7/24/13
Houston Chronicle: HRP Event Examines Current Mortgage, Appraisal Industries - 7/5/13

Sacramento Business Journal: Stricter Mortgage Standards May Be Hurting Economy, Report Says - 7/1/13 The Disappearing First Time Home Buyer - 7/8/13

National Association of Realtors: Basel II Down: The Specter of Regulation Eases - 7/3/2013

Wall Street Journal: Low Down-Payment Lending Avoids Regulatory Blitz - 7/3/13

National Mortgage News: Ranieri Calls for Policies that Encourage Low Downpayment Lending - 6/17/13

Investor's Business Daily: Mortgage Standards Too Tight or Inflating New Bubble? - 6/13/13

Housing Wire: Qualify for a Mortgage? Maybe not for long - 6/5/13

National Mortgage News: Mark Zandi: Put-Back Risk, Regulatory Issues Hold Back Recovery - 5/22/13

Bloomberg: Housing Industry Hopes Obama Line Will Soften Mortgage Rule - 2/14/13

The Hill: Administration Faces Backlash Over Downpayment Rules - 1/14/13

Reverse Mortgage Daily: Qualified Mortgage Rule Could Hinder Housing Recovery - 1/10/13

Coalition for Sensible Housing Policy Holds Forum on QM, QRM and Basel III, and their Impact on Homeownership - 7/30/12

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Senator Johnny Isakson: Revisit Down Payment Rule - 5/15/12

Time -Study: If Would-Be Home Buyers Have to Put 20% Down, 60% of Them Ain't Buying - 2/2/12

Washington Post - Michelle Singeltary - Hefty Down Payments Not the Answer to Fixing Mortgage Mess - 1/24/12

Huffington Post - Proposed Down Payment Rules Could Restrict Minorities' Access to Affordable Homebuying, Study Says - 1/18/12

Reuters: Regulators May Rework Mortgage Plan - 12/7/11

American Banker - Will Regulators Start Over on Risk Retention - 10/7/11

MSN Money - Rule that could kill housing market - 10/1/11

Ken Harney - 20 percent down? Don't bet on it - 9/23/11

Warwick Beacon: Realtors forecast ‘perfect storm’ if mortgage proposals are enforced - 9/1/11

Cincinnati Enquirer: Getting a mortgage may never be the same - 8/28/11

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Coalition: 'Safe mortgages' may hurt housing market - 8/12/11

ABC News: Are You About To Be Priced Out Of Housing Market? - 8/6/11

Bloomberg: Dodd-Frank Risk Rules May Reshape Debate Over Mortgage Finance - 8/2/11

Washington Post: Michelle Singletary: There’s a bigger house of cards that hurt minority homeowners’ wealth - 7/30/11

Bloomberg: U.S. Lawmakers Back Coalition Protesting Risk Retention Proposal - 6/22/11

The Hill: Lawmakers warn mortgage rule will prevent many from buying a home - 6/22/11

MSNBC: Proposed rules could shut many out of housing market  6/10/11

Politico Op-Ed: Home-buying rule would hit recovery - 5/12/11

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